When you’re injured or hurt, sometimes you need extra support to help you heal. At Temecula Family Medicine, you’ll get an x-ray and a diagnosis on-site. We decide the proper splint, brace, or crutch that will best help your recovery.

  • Splints: Help immobilize an injury like a bone fracture or sprain.
  • Braces: Used to support an injury or chronic condition and help you to move around with less discomfort and are sometimes worn to prevent further injury.
  • Crutches: If you’ve been in an accident, can’t put weight on an injured leg or ankle, or can’t balance without difficulty, you might need crutches.

If you think you have an injury that needs a splint, brace or crutch stop by Temecula Family Medicine and be seen by one of our caring staff today. If we find that you need a cast or other treatment, we will address this with you as well. 

Please call our office at 951-501-0049 with any questions or to make an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.

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